The Vision

Leaving Pain Behind

We are the leading edge of a revolutionary change in the way doctors help patients heal. An array of non-invasive methodologies is beginning to replace surgical interventions. Science is leading the way, with research and data confirming the efficacies of regenerative medicine. Axiom Regenerative Therapies is in the business of empowering physicians to use advanced biocelluar technologies to perform safer, less invasive procedures that alleviate pain and improve patients’ quality of life.


The History

Established to Help You Heal

Regenerative medicine (RM) has been in clinical use since the 1980s and has demonstrated good results. However, our founders recognized that RM technology and therapies in the United States lacked credible standardization and regulation. We resolved to correct this by establishing our own science-based protocols, standardized methodologies, and strict self-regulation. Today, our national network of physicians practice RM as a medical model to provide you with the best treatment option to manage your pain without drugs or expensive surgery. You can rely on our Patient Navigation Center before, during and after your RM procedure to help you to achieve your best outcome.

Who We Are

Executive Team

Brandon Cusick

Chief Operating Officer

Elena Stavenschi Toth

Scientific Officer
Medical Advisory Council

Jon C. Thompson M.D. F.A.C.S.

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Brian Snow M.D. F.A.C.S.

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Gregory Powell M.D.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Scott Glaser M.D. DABIPP

Interventional Pain Management