Compared to surgery, regenerative therapies present very low risk of infection or complications. Drugs are not involved, so side effects are not a concern. Axiom therapies are governed by rigorous in-house protocols to ensure the quality and safety of the treatment you receive.


As more and more science-based RM procedures are performed, the data that’s been collected shows that these methodologies are helping patients. Pain levels have been reduced, range of motion increased, symptoms relieved and, for some, underlying causes cured. Recovery rates can be exceptionally good, with many patients on their feet the same day and reporting significant improvement within weeks of treatment.


Regenerative therapies are non-surgical and the majority of procedures are done in your doctor’s office with local anesthetic at the injection site. Some procedures are done while you are mildly sedated or under anesthesia. Your doctor will explain the details of your particular therapy.

Axiom therapies are governed by rigorous in-house protocols to ensure the quality and safety of the treatment you receive.

Axiom Treatments


ALPHA2ACTIVE™ is a protease inhibitor that neutralizes and eliminates the proteins that degrade joints and damage cartilage. Injections of highly concentrated A2M have been seen to effectively manage osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions.

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Adipose Derived Cell Therapy

Adipose tissue contains regenerative cells such as perivascular cells, adipose and mesenchymal stem cells. These specialized cellular components can be accessed by microfragmentation of adipose tissue and injected into affected joints where they interact with your body to orchestrate healing responses that reduce inflammation, facilitate repair and replace damaged tissues.

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Bone Marrow Aspirate

Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) is rich in stem cells and growth factors. BMA therapies leverage the therapeutic and healing benefits by stimulating the proliferation of local cells into new tissues and decreasing local inflammation, which often is the driving force behind the progression of chronic degenerative conditions.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP/PRFM therapy uses your own concentrated blood cells (platelets) to target injuries, inflammation and degenerative disease. PRP stimulates and enhances your body’s healing response to reduce pain and improve your range of motion.

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Treatments can range from $1,000 TO $7,500