Do I Qualify?

If you suffer from chronic neck, back, knee, or joint pain, regenerative medicine may be the answer for relief. Axiom’s scientists and national network of physicians have developed effective, cell-based therapies that utilize your body’s own healing responses to facilitate repair. Please submit the form below to schedule a physician consultation and begin your treatment.

  •   Ankle
  •   Back & Neck
  •   Elbow
  •   Hand & Wrist
  •   Hip
  •   Knee
  •   Shoulder
  •   Other
  •   I have no pain
  •   Yes
  •   No
  •   Outpatient Procedure / Surgery
  •   Physical Therapy
  •   Prescription Drugs (opioids / steroids)
  •   Regenerative / Stem Cell Therapy
  •   Other
  •   None
  •   Dallas / Fort Worth
  •   Greater Chicago Area
  •   No
  •   Phoenix/Scottsdale
  •   Houston
  •   Oklahoma City
Please Note: Treatments range from $1,000 - $7,500. Axiom recommends answering "Yes" if you would like to have a consultation and would consider out-of-pocket expenses for recommended therapies. Answer "Maybe" if you would like to talk to a representative from Axiom about your case before scheduling a consultation by a physician.